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We all have that friend who is super skeptical about CBD. Or maybe you are the one who needs to investigate it for yourself before you put your trust in it. At Shear Naturals, we feel the same way.

Now that CBD has become more available, there are folks out there who are branding and selling it to make a buck without any real quality control. And, because the Food & Drug Administration still hasn’t regulated it yet, it’s a little like the wild west! Sadly, like all products for sale, some are just better than others and you really do get what you pay for, especially with CBD products.

This is why you really need to know where your CBD products come from. At Shear Naturals, this is a really big deal – sourcing the best, most clean CBD products available and bringing those high-quality products to you.

Here are some very simple steps to follow to ensure you purchase a high-quality CBD product.

  1. Every product should have a QR code on the label. What is a QR code? It’s the little box on the label that you can scan on your phone and goes to a landing page on the Internet with additional information.

  3. Go ahead and scan the code. The code should open up a document called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). The Certificate of Analysis is the verification that the product was tested for accuracy, potency and cleanliness.

  5. Check the COA to make sure that…
    1. It is the correct reading for that product
    2. It matches the label
    3. The amount of CBD and THC stated on the label also matches the COA document.
  6. Make sure the company you buy your CBD from is 100% transparent with information and COAs. Reputable CBD brands, like Shear Naturals, are completely transparent with all product information.

It is really that simple. If you need help with this, please contact us.