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Did you know that there are fake CBD products flooding the market? Yes, sadly it is true.

CBD products have boomed in the past 5-6 years and so many companies want to ride the money train and do not care about quality. While the FDA is getting better at monitoring these companies and additional guidelines are sure to be forthcoming, the overall  industry it is still a bit like the wild west.

In this post, we’ll list the biggest RED flags when shopping for quality CBD products.

  1. Very high milligrams in small bottles. A 30ml bottle (which is only 1 ounce) but yet has 14,000- 300,000 mg of CBD is highly unlikely and most likely false. Reputable companies typically sell bottles at 500-5,000 mg per bottle.

  3. Hemp Seed Oil is not CBD. There is nothing unhealthy or harmful about Hemp seed oil, however, it contains no cannabinoids. It is typically used to cook with.

  5. CBD products are typically not sold in clear bottles. CBD products are light sensitive and can break down when exposed to ultraviolet light.

  7. Medical claims are a no-no. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is very particular about who is making medical claims, as they rightfully should be. Reputable CBD vendors will never tell you that CBD products are a cure all or will improve medical conditions, and any that do are not in compliance with the FDA. CBD products are promoted to support and maintain normal, healthy functions such as sleep, relaxation and easing occasional aches and pains. No CBD vendor should be making medical promises or advising you on things a doctor would normally say, but if these products work in other ways for you not mentioned here, then that is wonderful! As always, you’ll want to consult your doctor before using any CBD product, medication or supplement.

  9. Don’t buy your CBD on Amazon or in a gas station or at the dollar store. Why? Because you do not know where these products come from, which is risky, and many do not follow the compliance guidelines set by the FDA.

  11. How do I know what is high-quality? Just scan the QR code on the label and check out the 3rd party testing COA document (the Certificate of Analysis) and make sure it matches the mg for CBD and THC on the label.

CBD is a different world and needs to be treated as such. And, until it is fully regulated, it is an industry where you have to check product quality and compliance.

The good news is that with our products, you never have to worry about this issue!

If you need additional help with understanding the differences, please contact us.